The footwear should match our feet both in length and width. It is not the foot that must adapt to the shoe, but the shoe must match our foot. Even a slight squeeze can cause both acute and chronic foot diseases. Many foot problems are directly related to the shoes, and even when the wrong foot is not the original cause, it will exacerbate the existing complaints. It is not possible to solve any problem or foot disease without considering the footwear factor.


  • The footwear must match the length of the foot!
  • Always check the size of the show while standing on both feet, the best option will be to take a walk.
  • The footwear should match width and volume of the feet. Choose shoes in the second half of the day since a foot gets wider and bigger during the day.
  • The width of the shoe toe must be sufficient for all the toes. Stand on your toes to feel better the toes in your shoes.
  • The height of the shoe toe must be enough to prevent pressing the toes from above. Move your toes – put them up and down.
  • The footwear must bend well in the area of the toe bend.
  • The sole should not be too thick or rigid.
  • The counter should not be rigid, but it must be stable.
  • Too soft sole will also be a bad choice, in this case the stability of the foot is disrupted.
  • The lacing should not press on the foot.

These are main but yet not all the recommendations. In each separate case one should take into account individual peculiarities of the foot and the situations why this footwear is chosen (work, sport, walks). A foot specialist, that had a special training can consult you and help with your personal choice.